Student President

Rajan Sandhu

2019-2020 Student President

I am a second-year Law Student who enjoys traveling with friends and family.

I also enjoy playing rugby and cricket, played throughout my college year’s and by also joining different clubs. As Student President, I have a keen interest in the development of the student experience, a passion developed over the years at my previous college.

I see Bloomsbury Institute as a place for students to thrive and not just survive.

The Role of the Student President

The role acts as the figurehead for the Student Guild. The Student President position carries with it the over-arching responsibility for representing the student voice both within the institution and for the Student Guild itself. The Student President is not responsible for the operational or administrative side of the Student Guild – that is the role of the Guild Manager. The Guild Manager, a full-time member of Guild staff, runs the Student Guild on a day to day basis and ensures that strategies and policy agreed by the Board of Trustees, are both in place and working properly.

The Student President is a full member of the Board of Trustees and chairs Board meetings ensuring that agenda items are discussed effectively and giving all members the time to make their own contributions. Additionally, the Student President is invited to Bloomsbury Institute’s Board of Director’s meetings in which student views are always taken into account in the Director’s decision-making. The President also chairs the Student Council – which is made up of all elected Student Representatives. The Student Council exists to ensure that the Student Guild’s strategy and policy and procedure (that is not within the remit of the Board of Trustees) is subject to student consultation.

Being the figurehead of an organisation representing a large number of students also opens doors to engage and work with not only all levels of staff within Bloomsbury Institute and the Student Guild, but also with external contacts and organisations. The influential role of Student President brings with it the responsibility to engage the student population and find out the issues that matter most to them. Lobbying, campaigning, surveying, researching, relationship building, negotiating and networking are all areas that the role will include from time to time so that the goals set and pledged in the Manifesto are achieved.

The Student President role is very wide-reaching. It requires a very special type of person – one that can not only manage the demands of the academic side of things as a full-time student but to also dedicate a lot of spare time to fulfilling their duties as Student President. Commitment, resilience and superb time management skills are therefore essential pre-requisites.

Purpose of post:

  • To be the figurehead of the Student Guild
  • To represent and seek the views of students at Bloomsbury Institute
  • To campaign on issues that affect students at the institution and nationally
  • To be an Officer Trustee (as President) and chair the Board of Trustees and Student Council.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To fulfill the goals and objectives from the Presidential Manifesto and feedback progress on the same to relevant meetings or forums
  • To represent the collective views of the student body both within the institution, the Student Guild and externally
  • To support and collaborate with student societies as required
  • To support and at times lead on Student Guild activities
  • To be lead delegate at national student-focused events
  • To chair the Board of Trustees and Student Council
  • To act as a principal student representative at Bloomsbury Institute Board of Directors meetings
  • To feedback on or signpost matters of interest arising from meetings to the student body
  • To appoint Student Representatives to become members of high-level institutional meetings and engage in initiatives that enable a continuity of representation for Reps that are appointed in the following year
  • To support and empower all elected officers, trustees and student representatives
  • To meet as required with key stake-holders from Bloomsbury Institute and the local community
  • To support and train the President-Elect
  • To support the Student Guild’s student-facing work at student inductions, Open Days and official Student Guild events
  • To keep abreast with national and international developments within higher education
  • To collaborate with the Bloomsbury Institute Branding team and the Guild Manager to promote yourself via social media through official channels and promote the work of the Student Guild encouraging students to engage and make the most of opportunities presented to them
  • To encourage students to be actively involved with the democratic and election processes of the Student Guild
  • To maintain the presidential email account, replying to emails and queries as soon as possible
  • To ensure student ideas are taken forward and actioned wherever possible
  • To sign and abide by the Boards’ Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • To uphold the core values of the Student Guild and to abide by its Constitution and Bye-Laws.

Benefits of the role:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the Student Guild and Bloomsbury Institute
  • Gain experience of leading, developing and supporting campaigns for change
  • Practical real-life experience
  • Develop leadership skills and gain experience of leading an organisation
  • A reference for future employers.